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Spangas is a daily TV series that shows the life of 10 teenagers from a realistic and funny point of view on their everyday-life problems. Produced by a group of producers from Nederland, with Johan Nijenhuis among them, Spangas is a transmedia native project. By targeting the 9 to 15 age-group, this program is addressing an instinctively tech- savvy target, well at ease with multiplatform universes. An opportunity well used by the Spangas producers. from Transmedia Lab[[1]]

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TV series: a 12 minutes daily episode Internet: a forum, character’s profiles, diaries and video testimonials + live chat A film, SpangaS Op Survival, aired in 2009 Magazine that shows the backstage of the series and offers advices on how to better “survive” the teenage Books, centered on the life of one Spangas character A theater play tour in Nederland

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